From generic parts, large production runs to bespoke items for individual projects, Feaver and its team of specialists is equipped and ready to assist your needs.

Engineering Design
& Innovation

At Feaver our inhouse design and engineering ensures products are built to high standards but offer clients the flexibility required to meet their specific needs.

This combined with extensive knowledge and experience in fabrication and product engineering ensures predictable results and effective solutions.

Drilling Tools & Equipment

Feaver Tools has a reputation for service, with a comprehensive stock of drilling tools, if a customer has a rig shut down, we at Feaver will do everything possible to get our clients rig operational in the quickest time.

If a drilling contractor is in trouble Feaver is the go-to supplier.


Maintenance on drilling rigs and equipment is essential, here at Feaver we can assist with your maintenance, upgrade or retrofit needs.

From spares, maintenance assistance, repairs and reconditioning to ongoing maintenance inventory and spares parts management.